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Sushi Time, My Favorite

Taking a day off from my porn life, I enjoy picking a new random restaurant to explore. Finding a place called "Pacific Buffet", I was excited, because it is all You can eat Sushi. There was a huge water fall of both sides of the entrance; which, has a bridge over a pond of water with large koi fish. I actually love fish, I have 32 pet fish, in 3 different tanks at home; which was a problem when I first started shooting videos. I didn't realize You can hear all of My fish tanks in the background, since i'm so use to the noise. So to the food... Well the sushi bar was huge, and I happen to be there when the buffet wasn't busy, so I didn't have a crowd of people slowing me down. How was it? Well Sushi is now my favorite, so what does that tell You. Side note, I later tried to make sushi at home Myself from scratch... And it didn't work out.


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