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Sheisnovember Customer Support

Regarding all payment and access support requests related to this site, please email:

Contact Directly at:

Sandy, Utah


Frequently Asked Questions

I'm having problems playing or downloading videos
Our site has been designed for modern browsers, if you are using an older web browser, we suggest you upgrade to Google Chrome.


How do I cancel my membership
At the bottom of every page, at the end of the standard legal information, we list our billing partners, and put links directly to them. Please click on the partner who is billing you, and request cancellation on their site.


I'd like to provide feedback, or suggestions - how can I do this?
We always welcome all feedback and suggestions! We have a stunning team of support people who read every email, and make sure that it gets passed to the right department - Production, Technical, Accounts, etc. If you would like to give us any form of feedback, please send an email to the address shown at the top of this page


None of this answers my questions, how do I get support
Please send an email to the address shown at the top of this page


How can I select a specific biller?
At the moment you cannot do this yourself, if you want to pay via a specific billing partner, please send an email to support (Currently we can only offer CCBill, but hope to add more in the future).


If You would like to file a complaint, please contact our company complaints department via email: All complaints will be reviewed and addressed within 7 business days via email reply to Your complaint. We will, in accordance with the Terms and Conditions decide the validity of the complain. After the decision has been made, the user may appeal the decision within 48 hours. When the final decision is made, according to the decision itself, any infringing, illegal, abusive or otherwise inappropriate content will be removed.


If You have been depicted in any content and would like to appeal removal of such content, please notify Us by email here. If there should be a disagreement regarding an appeal, We will allow the disagreement to be resolved by a neutral body

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