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Msnovember Explains The "Step Dad Teaching Me Sex" Epic Prequel Trilogy, On

Updated: Jan 1, 2021

Behind the scenes look of the real life events that shaped Msnovember greatest video series.

A sexual journey that was three years in the making, filmed in four different cities, and loosely based on real life experiences. presents"Step Dad Teaching Me Sex" prequel series starring Msnovember and Producer JDG Pornart. Finally reaches its surprising and epic conclusion. Detailing the events of how neglected Step Daughter and flawed Step Dad began their risky, secrete, relationship that almost destroyed them both; As well as, Everyone around them. Creating the events that would go on to shape an innocent Msnovember into a promiscuous girl, using Her body to get the things that She needs. Rather that need is from Her Professor, Boss, Plumber, Step Brother, Strangers, or Fans...

Sometime in 2016, Msnovember meet Producer JDG Pornart through a mutual friend. While sharing some of Her personal experiences, She casually glossed over some sexual encounters She had with Her Step Father and other figures in Her life. As if events like this were common place and not at all unusual. JDG Pornart was intrigued by Her real life sexual adventures, and would keep in contact with Msnovember. One year later JDG Pornart funded, wrote the script, and began shooting the serious partly based on Msnovember's real life experiences. Many of the story lines on involving strangers are actually inspired from JDG Pornart's personal experience.

The 3 part serious begins with "Step Dad Sneaking Into My Room To Teach Me Sex" (Date: July 7, 2017 Run Time 1:16:05). Then continues with "Step Dad Teaching Me Sex, While Mom Is Sleeping" (Date: May 14, 2020 Runtime 1:06:28). Finally concluding With"Step Dad Teaching Me Sex, While Mom Is At Work" (Date: June 2, 2020 Runtime 1:05:16).

The story is as follows:

Part one:

After returning from the pool, Msnovember and Her Step Dad, begin texting each other. After Step Dad complains about Mom, Step Dad offers to sneak into Msnovembers room after work, sneak Her alcohol and to teach her more about sex, while Mom is Sleep.

Part two:

Continuing Her sexual education 1-week after “Step Dad Sneaking Into My Room To Teach Me Sex” comes this next chapter. Now that the sexual relationship with Step Dad has begun, Msnovember must find ways to keep these secrete sex lessons hidden from Her Mom. While also seducing Her Step Dad to cheat on Her Mother again, while Her Mom is asleep...

Part three:

One week after almost getting caught by Mom in “Step Dad Teaching Me Sex, While Mom Is Sleeping” comes the final chapter to this exciting three part adventure. Telling the story about how Msnovember began Her secrete relationship with Step Dad, and how it almost destroyed Her family. She has a plan to get Step Dad inside of Her pussy again, while Her Mother is at work.

IMDB listed "Step Dad Sneaking Into My Room To Teach Me Sex" starring Msnovember, as being viewed by over 18 Million unique viewers. While currently being the most popular and successful video Msnovember has starred in. Production cost for each video ranged from $4,000 to $11,000. while being shot in a number of location including Atlanta, Los Angeles, Miami, and Las Vegas. One scene shot in Los Angeles, was removed that involved sex in a public place. Due to Msnovember being ticketed for public nudity (Lewd or obscene conduct; indecent exposure), while walking naked following the actual sex scene. Producer JDG Pornart felt that releasing the scene would incriminate Her further, by proving that She was actually conducting a sexual act in public rather then simple indecent exposure.

In real life, Msnovember was kicked out of Her home by Her Mother at 17 years old, for having on going conflicts with Her Step Father. Msnovember believes that Her Step Father put Her Mother up to kicking Her out. She lived with Friends or other Family Members off and on. Working in various strip clubs and webcam sites, while attending college, until She started working with Producer JDG Pornart and creating Her very own brand . In the past Msnovember has had to engage in survival sex in order to eat or for shelter. She doesn't necessarily enjoy replaying the same role on film that She had with Her real Step Father, but She again does it for survival to further Her Company...

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