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Why Did Sheisnovember Move From Atlanta To Los Angeles?

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

Sheisnovember (Msnovember) On Set, Photographed During Filming Of New Movie 2021. Photographed by JDG Pornart Studio.
Sheisnovember (Msnovember) On Set During Filming Of New Movie 2021. Photographed by JDG Pornart Studio.

Fans were beginning to notice Me on the street including an old high school teacher:

Well the Heat and the fame we're starting to catch up with me and Atlanta, To the point that I decided finally that I had to move. The last straw was when I bumped into my high school math teacher who brought up that he was a member of Sheisnovember and that He was proud of me. Not that I don't appreciate the love, because I do, But confrontations like that we're starting to become a little odd. people who I knew from high school who I barely talk to what start contacting me and trying to be friends when at heart I am a loner. I am for the most part a quiet girl, so all of the extra attention I'm starting to make me uncomfortable and moving away starting to sound more and more like a great idea. I am not the type that seeks fame or have any interest in being famous I just want to do my job and go home. I'm a bit strange anyway and I doubt if most people really knew me they would want to be a part of my world personally.

Bad memories From The Strip Club To Survival Sex:

I have a lot of bad memories in Atlanta from survival sex to drama in the strip club. Sometimes I would have flashbacks when I visit certain areas including the park where I was raped and broad daylight coming home from school. I have wanted to leave Atlanta for a while, but I either didn't know how or I didn't have the courage to do so. At certain times in my life, I have had to have sex with men that I did not want to fuck, in order to have a place to sleep. After my mother kicked me out when I got into an argument with my stepdad over eating My food that I bought with My own money and left in the refrigerator. I was not promiscuous at heart nor had I had much sex up until that point, so that was a shock to my system, some thing a scary dream. I even spent one night homeless on the street after I was put out by my mom and that was very scary. If you have never been homeless then you would never understand why I was willing to do whatever it took to survive. So it is as I said page lot of bad memories that I have been eager to escape from.

To End The long Wait Between Films, I Had To Move:

Sheisnovember by Msnovember Wearing A Dress At The Atlantic Station Eating Ice Cream In Atlanta Georgia Photo 2020
Sheisnovember by Msnovember Wearing A Dress At The Atlantic Station Eating Ice Cream In Atlanta Georgia Photo 2020

My director JDG Pornart and his Studio are both located in California. I only work with his production company exclusively for Sheisnovember, but because of our distance I had to sometimes wait months to shoot a new film for Sheisnovember. So JDG Pornart had suggested a number of times that he would help me get a place in California and would look out for me there and for the last few years I turned his offer down. But after all the stressful situations that I have been involved in, while living in Atlanta, I finally decided to take him up on his offer of $75,000 Per film trilogy at a rate of $25,000 each film, plus exclusive filming rights for the next 5 years, and to move to California. At first I lived with JDG Pornart for a few months before We found a place in Los Angeles for Me and since then I have had quite a few interesting adventures. I even had a run-in with a wildfire while filming a movie. So mostly for safety reasons and committing fully to Sheisnovember and my film career, is why I moved from Atlanta to Los Angeles in early 2021, Msnovember for Sheisnovember...

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