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Why Pornstar Sheisnovember Loves Anal & Can't Get Enough

Updated: Aug 17, 2019

Pornstar Sheisnovember Getting Ready For Anal Sex
Pornstar Sheisnovember Getting Ready For Anal Sex

So a lot of people have asked Me about what my favorite sex position is or what I enjoy doing the most. Today I thought about it and came to a final conclusion. I love anal sex most of all. The painful feeling of having my asshole roughly ripped open and then the pleasure that quickly comes after. Its like walking up a hill, then You get tired and Your legs are burning (The pain). Now Your at the top on the other side, and You roll down and enjoy the fun (The pleasure). So the pain really catches my attention and forces me to take every notice of every pump. When I can also feel the pressure pushing down into my pussy from inside my anus, I can have an anal orgasm, which is amazing and weird at the same time.


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